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Transport is ordered by the customer e.g. on the private carrier exchange website: www.gielda.furgonetka.pl All you have to do is to specify point A (collection) and point B (delivery), describe the object and offer a price for transport. The carriers then make transport offers, they have ratings from other customers. The customer arranges the details of the transport on his own with the selected carrier. It is also possible to order transport from another local service. The customer then informs by email who is authorised to collect his order. The order must be paid for by bank transfer in advance before it is produced.


Due to dimensions loading platforms and ramps are not packed !!! 

Collection of orders only during business hours of the company !!!


Classic courier/shipping is not possible due to the fact that these companies charge unjustified surcharges for the imaginary overall weight, which the carriers repeatedly overstate in relation to the actual weight of the shipment. Packing such large elements is also problematic, which is required by courier companies.


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